WP Staging Pro

WP Staging Pro


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WP Staging enables you to work securely by creating a duplicate of your website.

WP Staging Pro conveniently and quickly pushes all of your modified data and files from the staging site to the production site.

In seconds, his duplicator, staging, and backup plugin can create an exact copy of your entire website. Excellent for staging, backup, and development.

(The time required for cloning and backup depends on the size of your website.)

This clone plugin copies your website to a subfolder or subdomain (Pro) of your primary WordPress installation. The clone includes an exact duplicate of your database.

Note: For pushing and migrating plugins and theme files to production sites, see https://wp-staging.com/pro.

All time-consuming database and file cloning operations are performed in the background. The plugin even performs a complete search and replace of all serialized links and paths.

This staging and backup plugin can clone your website even if it is hosted on a low-quality shared server.

WP STAGING can assist you in preventing your website from becoming broken or unavailable due to the installation of untested plugin updates!

Before making changes to your production website, you should test plugin updates and theme customizations on a staging platform.

To use the same hardware and software environment for your test website and to catch all possible errors during testing, it is recommended that the staging platform be located on the same server as the production website.

Before updating a plugin or installing a new one, it is highly recommended that you test the changes on a clone of your production website.

This ensures that any changes are applied to your production website without causing unexpected errors or preventing the site from loading. Known colloquially as the “WordPress blank page error.”

Most users do not test a plugin update before installing it in a production environment because existing staging solutions are too complex and take a long time to create an up-to-date copy of your website.

Some of you may be afraid of installing plugin updates because you follow the rule “never touch a running system,” but keep in mind that untested updates increase the risk of Your site breaking.

This is one of the primary reasons why WordPress installations are frequently out of date, are not updated at all, and are insecure as a result of this non-update behavior.

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