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WordPress Keyword Tool works as a wordpress keyword research plugin that lists most used keywords for any specified keyword. Will help you know keywords people are using to search so that you can target. Will also help you target these keywords the right way by checking keyword density.

It also provides information that will assist you in refining your search-engine-friendly and keyword-optimized articles.


a list of keywords WordPress Keyword Tool is a keyword study plugin for WordPress that displays the most popular keywords for any given keyword.

Assign tags to keywords. Simply check keywords and add as tags if you choose to use relative keywords as tags.

Keep an eye on the density. WordPress keyword tool is a WordPress keyword density plugin that allows you to choose which keywords to monitor and WordPress keyword tool will calculate their percentage on the post, assisting you in achieving the greatest density using WordPress keyword density checker.

Suggestions made in real time While typing the keyword, the wordpress keyword generator will propose related keywords for you to choose from.

Density values for any given time. It is the best wordpress plugin for keyword density as a wordpress keyword density monitor because it calculates values immediately, saving you time.

Every language is embraced. It also supports all accents as a high-quality wordpress keyword search plugin.

All Google sites are accessible. You can choose which Google site the plugin gets keywords from, ensuring that it is the best WordPress keyword plugin for Google.

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