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Need to allow users to register, edit their profiles and passwords, and sign in from the front end of your WordPress site? Let your users manage their own accounts on the front-end with this WordPress User Registration plugin. Build a customized registration form that gives new users sign-in access to your site immediately.

Provide a form your customers will love. When users have multiple forms to complete, reduce their headache by auto-populating their forms when they are logged in. Formidable’s user registration system can serve as the backbone for many types of WordPress sites.

Whether you are building a directory site, or are building an eCommerce shop, a smooth user experience will make all the difference.

The best part of our WordPress user registration plugin? It’s just one part of an entire suite of tools designed to make your WordPress website flourish like never before! Formidable Forms has all the features you need to collect data and use it to create powerful results.